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Dodo Car Mats is custom make to suit all Lamboghini Gallardo 2004 - 2014 () in Malaysia. Free delivery on eligible orders.

Personalised luxury car mats for all Lamboghini models, available in double layered honey-comb design and structure, most easy maintenance car mats in market. Dodo Car Mats are made with odorless, waterproof, and has anti-bacterial properties and can be custom made to your Lamboghini Gallardo car.

Double layered honey-comb design and structure

The upper layer has honey-comb structured holes, which enable dust and dirt to drop into the lower layer.

Easy Maintenance

You just have to simply separate the two layers and dispose the trapped debris from the lower layer.

Easy Installation

Dodo Car Mat works like any other car mat but is more efficient in trapping dust and dirt. You just slip it onto the floor of your car.

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